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Victoria Beckham Does 'Gentle Rebellion' for Fall 2020

For the designer, that means short pleated skirts with over-the-knee platform boots, slashed sleeves on knits and lots of black.
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Looks from the Victoria Beckham Fall 2020 collection.

Looks from the Victoria Beckham Fall 2020 collection.

Victoria Beckham presented her Fall 2020 collection at London's Banqueting House on Sunday Morning. The collection, which she described as her "gentle rebellion," featured shorter hems and cuts, as well as a series of black dresses and slashed knits. 

"This season I was thinking about the tension between refinement and rebellion. I was inspired by different ideas of women — different characters, different moments and different attitudes — but with no restrictions," the show notes read. "The overriding sentiment that we don't have to follow the rules. We can follow our instincts. Be spirited."

See the full Victoria Beckham Fall 2020 collection in the gallery below.

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