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Why Is This Picture of Anna Wintour Wearing Jeans so Comforting?

She reassured the fashion community in a much more casual look than normal.
anna wintour

In her time as editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine and general ruler of the fashion universe, Anna Wintour has established herself as many things and worn many hats. But "casual" is not a word that has ever seemed to exist in her vocabulary — until today, March 30, 2020.

On Monday, Vogue posted a photo to its Instagram page of Wintour holding a fluffy dog while wearing a Breton-striped sweater and — computer, enhance — are those jeans?! 

It seems hard to believe, but yes, there is Anna Wintour in denim. No one understands the communicative power of fashion better than she does, and this is a look which feels relaxed and relatable. She looks like, well, a mom — actually, I think my mom has that exact outfit. I, for one, am very soothed by this image! 

Of course, the social media-shy Wintour isn't sending images of herself cozied up at home for no reason. The photo is to promote an op-ed shared to, a letter of encouragement from the de facto head of fashion to the rest of the industry. "Positivity is such a precious commodity right now, but I felt something close to pure joy in recent days," she writes, sharing the news of Ralph Lauren's $10 million donation to coronavirus causes. "My emotions, like yours I'm sure, are fairly close to the surface, but I'm not afraid to admit that I broke down on the phone with Ralph when he called to give me the incredible news about his gift." 

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Wintour also discusses applications for the newly-announced initiative, "A Common Thread," launched with the CFDA to help designers in need. 

"Their stories impress upon me that this is a moment for reflection, generosity and a shared sense of humanity," she says. "I know that we have challenges ahead — and please can everyone remember to stay home and be safe — but I also know we can get through it together, and even find moments of joy along the way."

It's as lovely a reason as any for Wintour to show her softer side. She is still wearing her signature sunglasses, though. The day she posts a selfie without them is the day I'll start truly panicking. 

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