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Must Read: Instagram Live Is Surging in the Social Distancing Era, Can a Fashion TV Show Launch a Successful Fashion Brand?

Plus, Kanye West talks Yeezy in "WSJ" magazine.

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Wednesday.

Instagram Live is surging in the social distancing era
With everyone stuck at home, IG Live, an Instagram feature that allows users to livestream through their stories, is having a big moment. Its popularity erupted practically overnight, with mentions of IG Live on platforms like Twitter and Instagram increasing by 526% from March 8-15. Companies are working hard to provide social content which will allow them to reach their audiences while quarantining. {Glossy}

Can a fashion TV show launch a successful fashion brand?
Fashion TV is entertaining to watch but has often failed in launching the brands they feature to stardom. Netflix's "Next in Fashion" and Amazon's "Making the Cut" are trying to change that trend, by giving the winners of their shows a chance to sell their clothes ("Next in Fashion" winners are given the chance to sell on Net-a-Porter, and "Making the Cut" contestants have the opportunity to sell through Amazon). {Business of Fashion}

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Kanye West covers WSJ. magazine
Kanye West speaks to WSJ. Magazine about his rebooted Yeezy collection that drops in 90 days, his coronavirus response and how he felt after one of his best friends, Virgil Abloh, was hired as artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear, a brand West had always wanted to work with. {WSJ. Magazine}

Wellness brands hope for boost amid global pandemic
The wellness industry is seeing a boost amid the Covid-19 outbreak, as consumers look for health and wellness products and advice for some source of calm. However, brands are finding it difficult to strike the right tone in their marketing as they try to cater to the different needs of their consumers. Goop Chief Content Officer Elise Loehnen told Business of Fashion, "There are certain people on our list for emailing who want more information directly on coronavirus, and others who were like, 'I don't want to hear about it or think about it at all! I want to escape'...we're trying to please everyone. It's difficult." {Business of Fashion}

How made-in-USA brands are dealing with the spread of Covid-19
Amid the panic of the coronavirus pandemic, American-made brands are still able to operate due to their close relationships and their physical closeness to suppliers and manufacturers. Their advantage is their capacity to be swift with turnaround times and transportation, in a time when global supply chains are unstable. Bayard Winthrop, founder and chief executive of San Francisco-based apparel company American Giant, is navigating the outbreak by focusing on producing and working with US-based suppliers after American Giant's online sales plummeted by 40%. {Vogue Business}

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