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Must Read: InStyle's Latest Digital Cover Stars Infectious Disease Diagnostics Specialist, What Fashion Brands Need to Know About the Stimulus Package

Plus, the conundrum for DTC brands: to launch or not to launch?

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Friday.

InStyle's latest digital cover stars infectious disease diagnostics specialist 
In honor of the people in the medical industry fighting the coronavirus pandemic, InStyle has launched a special digital cover featuring Dr. M. Jana Broadhurst, an infectious disease diagnostics specialist. Laura Brown, Editor-in-Chief of InStyle, explained: "Due to the long lead print cycle, I didn't want to wait to celebrate the brilliant work Dr. Broadhurst has done and her fight of COVID-19, so we are releasing a one-off digital cover to celebrate her efforts and those in the medical field alongside her." {InStyle}

What fashion brands need to know about the stimulus package
Congress finalized a deal with the White House earlier this week to pass the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. It's expected to deliver about $349 billion of loans and grants to the Small Business Administration. The short-term loans are meant to help small businesses cover payroll, rent, utilities and any debt payment due during the global pandemic. Jeff Trexler, associate director of the Fashion Law Institute at Fordham University, told Business of Fashion: "Businesses need to remember that this is a loan, not a grant... They'll have to think about whether it's worth it because even though there might be a level of loan forgiveness, they'll need to pay it back in a year." {Business of Fashion}

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The conundrum for DTC brands: to launch or not to launch?
With Covid-19 sweeping the globe and affecting the economy, start-ups are being forced to consider whether they should risk launching or introducing new product in an incredibly tough environment or wait — and potentially pile up expenses. Jordan Fox, founder of the branding group MMP Digital, advised against start-ups launching during the pandemic, especially DTC brands that rely on social media ads, telling Business of Fashion: "People are home, but they aren't in purchase mode; they are in distraction mode". {Business of Fashion}

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