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Nicolas Ghesquière Pairs Petticoats and Parkas for Louis Vuitton Fall 2020

The designer closed out fashion month with a bang yet again.
The finale from the Louis Vuitton Fall 2020 show. 

The finale from the Louis Vuitton Fall 2020 show. 

On Tuesday, Louis Vuitton continued its tradition of closing out Paris Fashion Week — and thus fashion month as a whole — with a big show at the Louvre. 

As a large choir dressed in what appeared to be traditional 17th-century garb sang in the background, models charged down the runway in clothes that were decidedly modern and utilitarian, with sporty elements seen in parkas and vests. Though, many looks were punctuated with big, flouncy, petticoat-like skirts and dresses that subtly echoed the historical dress of the choir. While Nicolas Ghesquière might have looked to the past, most of the collection was undeniably futuristic, as we've come to expect from the designer. 

See every look from the Fall 2020 Louis Vuitton collection in the gallery below.

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