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Missguided Ad Banned in U.K. for Featuring 'Overly Sexualized' Women

The ASA came after the fast-fashion retailer (yet again) after receiving three complaints.

Missguided ad that was on display at railway stations last November in the U.K. has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority. According to the report, the poster featured a model leaning against a side table wearing sheer tights, high heels and an unbuttoned jacket with nothing underneath. Complainants claimed it was "overly sexualized" and "objectified women." 

The fast-fashion retailer defended the ad, arguing that the image was "in keeping with industry norms" and "in keeping with similar ads in the fast-fashion industry." It added that "promoting and encouraging female empowerment was extremely important to their business and as such they designed and promoted collections which enabled their customers to stand out from the crowd in memorable outfits and poses."

After careful consideration, the ASA found that the ad drew attention to the model's chest area and lower abdomen, rather than the clothing being advertised. The ad watchdogs also noted that her head was tilted back, with her mouth slightly open, while her leg was bent and raised, which they "considered was likely to be seen as a sexually suggestive pose" and "likely to cause serious offense." 

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This isn't the first time a fashion brand has fallen afoul to the ASA — in fact, this is the second offense for Missguided in less than six months. Back in October, an advert for the clothing brand that appeared during "Love Island" was pulled after regulators ruled it objectified women.

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