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Pyer Moss Organizes Medical Supplies Drive and Sets Aside $50K in Relief for Minority-Owned Businesses

In response to the spread of Covid-19.
Kerby Jean-Raymond.

Kerby Jean-Raymond.

As Covid-19 containment measures continue to strain the economy with businesses and restaurants closing their doors, Pyer Moss founder Kerby Jean-Raymond isn't looking to push more of his own product. Instead, he's using his platform to collect in-demand medical supplies and to disburse funds to small creative businesses owned by women and minorities.

On Wednesday, amidst rumors that New York, where he's based, might soon receive a "shelter in place" order, Jean-Raymond took to Instagram to announce two new initiatives. The first is geared at medical professionals, who have been facing a dearth of basic supplies like N95 masks and gloves due to the hoarding of those supplies by panicked citizens.

In a post shared on his personal and brand Instagrams, Jean-Raymond shared the kinds of messages he'd been getting from medical professionals, including his sister, who are going without masks or even using bleach to wash used masks. In response, Jean-Raymond said, "we will convert the Pyer Moss office in NYC to a donation center for these items... In addition, we will set aside $5,000 to obtain these supplies." 

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The post then detailed where donated supplies could be sent and assured readers that the Pyer Moss staff would enact "recommended hygiene and social distancing practices" while packaging and sending out what they gathered.

The second initiative announced that the label would be setting aside $50,000 to assist "minority and women-owned small creative businesses who are currently in distress."

"If you cannot make payroll or cannot cover pressing costs to keep your business afloat, please reach out, let us know what you do and how we can help," the post continued.

Though Pyer Moss is far from a corporate behemoth itself, it's perhaps unsurprising that Jean-Raymond is choosing to respond to the crisis this way, considering his history of taking risks with his business for the sake of his values, whether that means supporting the Black Lives Matter movement or something else entirely. We'll be watching closely to see if any other brands follow suit. 

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