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K-Pop Stars Cover 'Allure' For 'Best of Global Beauty' Issue

Jihyo of Twice appears on its May 2020 print edition, while JB of GOT7 stars in a special digital cover.
Jihyo of Twice on the May 2020 cover of 'Allure.'

Jihyo of Twice on the May 2020 cover of 'Allure.'

On Monday, Allure dropped not one, but two covers — one print, one digital — for its May 2020 "Best of Global Beauty" issue (the publication's first), which focuses mainly on South Korea and, specifically, the impact K-pop has had beyond music. 

Jihyo of the girl group Twice fronts Allure's May 2020 print edition (pictured above), and GOT7's JB appears on a special digital cover (below). They're part of a larger package that includes a digital hub, an editorial collaboration with Allure Korea, artwork from Seoul-based creators and an Allure Beauty Box dedicated to K-beauty

JB of GOT7 appears on an 'Allure' digital cover for its first-ever 'Best of Global Beauty' issue.

JB of GOT7 appears on an 'Allure' digital cover for its first-ever 'Best of Global Beauty' issue.

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In her editor's letter, Allure editor-in-chief Michelle Lee addressed the internal back-and-forth around releasing the publications' "Best of Global Beauty" issue amid a worldwide pandemic. "Suddenly we were faced with so many questions," she wrote. "First and foremost: How do we keep the staff, ourselves, and our loved ones safe? After that not-so-easily-solved problem, there were more: How do we share a global beauty issue in the midst of a global health crisis? How do we celebrate K-pop and Korean beauty on our cover while being sensitive to the widespread concerns about the effects of this pandemic?"

Lee continued: "I'll be honest — we didn't know exactly how to respond. These are truly uncharted waters, and reactions around the world have run the gamut, from hysteria to apathy. Some people have given in to their worst impulses. Panic and paranoia — and a disturbing wave of anti-Asian racism — have reared their ugly heads... Ultimately, this crisis has reminded us just how interconnected we truly are. It has been a reminder and a necessary wake-up call that decisions we make — as countries, as families, as individuals — can greatly impact others."  

You can find Allure's "Beauty of K-Pop" digital hub on its website. 

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