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16 Actually Good Beauty Products That Are on Sale Online Right Now

Discounts on hair tools, moisturizers, lipsticks and body lotions ahead.
rodin lipsticks

Just about every online retailer is having a sale right now — and if you do a little digging, there are some pretty enticing beauty deals to be found. Each week, I'll be rounding up my most exciting finds, the products I've tested myself as Fashionista's beauty director, and can confidently put my stamp of approval on. These are the discounted makeup, hair, skin-care and wellness items I deem so legit, I'd recommend them to my best friend or my mom or my sister — or you, dear Fashionista readers. In other words, they're actually good. Should you want to engage in a little retail therapy, read on.

This week's picks include hair tools, moisturizers, lipsticks and body lotions well worth stocking up on. Click through to see (and shop!) them all.

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