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Stretch and Share: Get to Know Market Editor Dara Prant

When she's not shopping, she's picking Vizsla pups to adopt and doing random DIY projects.
Dara Prant in a ribbed Naadam set working from home! 

Dara Prant in a ribbed Naadam set working from home! 

Back when going to the office was a thing, the Fashionista team would sometimes break for an afternoon "stretch and share," a chance to briefly get away from our screens, move our bodies and share responses to a fun, easy prompt. We realized there's no reason not to continue doing this in our own homes, and even get our readers involved. So in this series, each of our editors will share a bit about themselves and even suggest a stretch for you to do as well, if you're so inclined!

Stretch: Child's Pose 

Hometown: Austin, Texas 

Sun/rising/moon signs: Taurus/Capricorn/Aquarius 

Enneagram type: 2w3 or 3w2

How and when did you start working at Fashionista? In July 2017 after seeing a job posting that the site was looking for an Editorial Assistant 

List three of your favorite articles you've written:
How Nikki Ogunnaike Went From the Fashion Closet to Shaping Culture at Top Fashion Titles 
Beloved Brazlian Label Farm Rio Is Bringing Its Vibrant Prints and Beachy Silhouettes to the U.S.
Hey, Quick Question: Are Flip-Flops 'In' Again?

Movie you could watch infinity times: "The Parent Trap" 

Book you'll read again and again: "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen

Show you're currently bingeing: "Unorthodox," but I've also been rewatching oldies like "Sex and The City" and "The Office" 

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Most recent "saved" Instagram: An adoption post by @moonlightvizslas featuring a precious litter of Vizsla puppies and my future dog Brad 

All-time style icon: Jane Birkin 

Name/describe your pet(s): Coby, a 13-year-old Vizsla who lives with my parents, but was brought up by me; and Abbie, my parent's new Cavalier King Charles puppy, who I've only met once, but it was love at first sight 

First-ever job: Fashionista! 

Pump-up jam: Currently, it's Fifth Harmony's "Work From Home" 

Favorite candy: M&M's (pretzel, peanut, mint, regular, peanut butter) 

Beauty product you're most loyal to: Thayers Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Facial Toner in Rose Petal 

Favorite conspiracy theory: I'm not a conspiracist

Least favorite word: Panties 

What you wanted to be when you grew up: An orthodontist, a boutique hotel critic 

What's helping you stay sane right now: A Naadam cashmere set (pictured above), long walks, random DIY projects and bubble baths 

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