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Letter of Recommendation: An Entireworld Sweatsuit to Keep You Cozy in Self-Isolation

There's a reason we can't shut up about them.
This could be you.

This could be you.

Entireworld, the brand that makes "the stuff you live in," was founded by Band of OutsidersScott Sternberg in March 2018, to much fanfare. Its mission was to take a "utopian" approach to making clothing: pieces that were essential but elevated, well- and ethically made but accessibly priced. Two years in, it has pretty much become the industry's favorite purveyor of cozy clothes — and sweats, in particular. And at Fashionista HQ, it's the closest thing we have to a uniform.

Pretty much half of the team owns Entireworld's signature sweatsuit; some (erm, Dhani) have it multiple colors. We've named them editors' picks. We've included them in roundups of the best things we've bought on any given month or year. We'll enthusiastically Slack each other about them. Point is: We really, really like them. And, as we self-isolate in our homes, we're gravitating towards them more often.

What makes this sweatsuit so great? Team Fashionista engaged in a (virtual, socially-distanced) roundtable discussion to get to the crux of why we like these candy-colored sets so damn much. Read on.

Dhani: I've been obsessed with founder Scott Sternberg since his Band of Outsiders days and found out he was working on something new shortly after moving to L.A. I knew I would love anything that came out of his brain but I immediately connected with his idea for a more affordable direct-to-consumer line of cool, quality basics. I was ready to join the cult

Steph: I heard about it first because of Dhani, our resident cool West Coast Editor who knows all about cool West Coast things.

Dhani: I bought my first sweatsuit in dark green in October 2018; then I bought my boyfriend a matching pair for his birthday. I bought my second one, in dark purple, as well as the Striped Tiny Tee in blue/white and the Corduroy Trousers in brown, last December at the brand's first Los Angeles pop-up. My third sweatsuit, in black, I bought mid-March during a sale whilst quarantined.

Steph: I have the Brushed Sweatpants and Sweatshirt in Lilac, as well as the High Neck Tank in White. I had seen the brand all over social media, and of course read Dhani's feature on it when it first launched. I bought them all at once on Black Friday last year.

Dara: I have the French Terry Sweatshirt in White. I purchased it back in January, when the collection launched at Nordstrom.

Ana: I have the Brushed Back Sweatshirt in Blue Melange and the Sweatpants in the same colorway. I bought them in mid-March, while self-isolating, having finally been broken down after editing many stories about how great Entireworld was.

Dara: I fall easily for loungewear sets, especially when they’re candy-colored.

Dhani: When I initially moved to L.A. I was working from home for the first time and struggling to find a WFH wardrobe that felt comfortable and not sloppy. As soon as I saw Entireworld's sweatsuits, probably on Instagram, I knew they were the perfect solution.

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Steph: I'm a huge fan of all things cozy, but I actually don't think I'd ever owned a full-on matching sweatsuit until I got my Entireworld one. I loved the different colorways available — I assumed it would be impossible not to feel happy while wearing one, and now that I've owned it for a while, I can attest that's pretty much true.

Ana: I wear a lot of athleisure, but mostly leggings and bike shorts. I've never been a full sweatsuit person, until now. I like that, because it's a color-coordinated set with a somewhat tailored fit — it's baggy, but in a considered way — it feels pretty put-together.

Dhani: As soon as I got mine in 2018, I immediately started wearing it constantly at home. It was very cozy, but the cut and fabric were slightly different then: a bit heavier and not quite as soft. I still like the weight of the old sweatshirt and wear it a lot now without the matching pants. Sweatsuits weren't as trendy yet as they are now, so I still felt self-conscious wearing it out in public. I don't anymore.

Steph: I was obsessed with it right from the beginning. I'd wear it as much as possible: around the house, as my travel outfit when flying, layered over my leggings on my way to yoga.

Dara: I immediately loved its slightly baggy fit and that there was a worn-in ease to it.

Steph: It's just so easy and so delightful. It's pleasant-feeling, pleasant-looking and the quality is there. Just make sure to follow the instructions when it comes to laundering, because I may or may not have shrunk mine on the first wash. It's a little less oversized now than it was initially, but I still love it.

Dhani: The cut and fit are just perfect and the fabric is genuinely so soft and cozy. I can't think of another product that marries comfort and style so successfully.

Steph: I love the simplicity of the pieces and that they're so well-made. I also appreciate everything about the brand aesthetic. Its social media presence is so joyful and uplifting.

Dhani: Sternberg is one of the coolest and smartest people I've met working in fashion. The brand is also just very up my alley; I've always gravitated towards affordable, casual, quality basics with a retro tinge. I also appreciate its clever, no-nonsense messaging that isn't dumbed down or cloying. It has that magic quality that just makes you want to be involved.

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