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Must Read: Telfar Clemens on How He Built His Brand, Gap Cancels Summer and Fall Orders

Plus, Issa Rae covers the latest issue of Teen Vogue.
Telfar Clemens at his 2016 New York Fashion Week runway.

Telfar Clemens at his 2016 New York Fashion Week runway.

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Tuesday.

Telfar Clemens on how he built his brand
Coronavirus has put many American designers' ventures to a halt, and Telfar Clemens was on a path to heightened success with his brand before the pandemic came. Clemens tells Business of Fashion how he plans to navigate this time for his business, how he started his career with a circle of friends that didn't have a place in the mainstream fashion world at the time, and the story of his widely-loved vegan leather 'Shopping' bag, also known as the 'Bushwick Birkin.' {Business of Fashion}

Gap, Inc. cancels summer and fall orders
Gap has decided to pause all production for next season's items in an effort to re-strategize for the current pandemic. Gap has already struggled to stay relevant in the current consumer market and without stores open, e-commerce "simply cannot make up for having our stores closed," the company stated in an email shared with Business of Fashion. The company has also had to make changes such as reduced payrolls amongst others and is expecting a slow recovery. {Business of Fashion}

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Issa Rae covers latest issue of Teen Vogue
Ever since the release of HBO's "Insecure" in 2016, Issa Rae has cultivated a variety of projects to add to her resumé. In her new Teen Vogue cover story, Rae delves into the show's upcoming season, her ventures with film, her desire to add more representation to the industry and how she balances the titles of producer, writer and actress. {Teen Vogue}  

People are still buying fashion amid Covid-19 outbreak
By analyzing shopping transactions, Klarna, a service through which shoppers can pay for items in installments, released a report on current habits among Gen Z, Gen X and Millenials. By looking at data over the weeks of March 22–28 and March 15–21 as well as a base period of Feb. 1–March 7, Klarna found that apparel, footwear and accessories shopping increased by an 18% share among Gen Zers, 13% among millennials and 4% among Gen Xers. {Fashionista Inbox}

How salon shutdowns are disrupting Black women's hair care
With all non-essential businesses shut down, there's been much discussion as to how Black women will navigate these times when their hair is such a strong part of their culture and identity. Even for those who choose to embrace natural hair, there are high amounts of care and maintenance involved, which can be difficult to manage without assistance and access to special products. Hairstylists have been furthering public education on haircare with online tutorials, as many black women rely solely on their salons for any handling of their locks. {Jezebel}

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