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An Ode to Kristen Stewart's Flat Footwear — and Utter Lack Thereof — on the Red Carpet

Here's to the woman who wears Nikes with her couture and takes off her heels in the middle of the Cannes red carpet.
Kristen Stewart removing her shoes at the "Blackkklansman" screening at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018.

Kristen Stewart removing her shoes at the "Blackkklansman" screening at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018.

Kristen Stewart, like many of us, has a complicated relationship with high heels. The shoes may look good, but they're also often tragically uncomfortable — and for Stewart, discomfort is rarely worth it.

For proof, one need not look any further than the Cannes Film Festival in 2018, when Stewart memorably took off her Christian Louboutins in the middle of the red carpet at a photocall before the "Blackkklansman" premiere. Though press around the initial event focused on the statements Stewart had made about the event's "sexist" shoe policy requiring women to wear heels, the truth is that she's long had a habit of opting to stay flat on her feet when those around her are tip-toeing around in stilettos. (And that year at Cannes wasn't even the first time she's gone totally barefoot at a fancy event, either — she, like many sane women would, chose to kick off her heels under her seat at the Venice Film Festival once all the walking-around and posing was done.)

There's documentation of Stewart's propensity for comfort in the footwear department going all the way back to her "Twilight" days, when a teenage Stewart, still very much finding her place in fashion and Hollywood, could often be seen pairing sneakers and dresses. These days, even when Stewart does put her fanciest foot forward in the form of towering heels at a red carpet event, it's not uncommon to see her slipping into a battered pair of sneakers before the night's over and the photographers have cleared out of the venue.

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This commitment to unfussy footwear has led to some of Stewart's best looks over the years and helped solidify her signature combination of elegance and IDGAF attitude. From pairing Nike Cortez's with a floor-length Thom Browne gown to combining Chanel Couture with battered Converses, Stewart's footwear choices convey an authentic sense that she doesn't really care about the conventions of Hollywood – she'd rather just do her own thing.

Take a look at a few of Stewart's many sneakers-and-dress pairings over the years (plus some plain old shoe-ditching) in the gallery below.

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