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Stretch and Share: Get to Know Sr. Audience Development Manager Liza Sokol

Filling this out made her realize she might be a psychopath, but like, a fun one.
I don't even remember how to do my makeup now.

I don't even remember how to do my makeup now.

Back when going to the office was a thing, the Fashionista team would sometimes break for an afternoon “stretch and share,” a chance to briefly get away from our screens, move our bodies and share responses to a fun, easy prompt. We realized there’s no reason not to continue doing this in our own homes, and even get our readers involved. So in this series, each of our editors will share a bit about themselves and even suggest a stretch for you to do as well, if you’re so inclined! Last up, Senior Audience Development Manager, Liza Sokol.

Stretch: Interlocking fingers and arms up overhead

Hometown: The Jew-burbs outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sun/rising/moon signs: Scorpio/Libra/Capricorn

Enneagram Type: 4

How and when did you start working at Fashionista? About four years ago I was looking to get out of engineering and back to my fashion roots and a friend alerted me that Fashionista was looking for an audience development manager. It was a perfect fit.

List three of your favorite articles you've written:
An Ode to 'America's Next Top Model,' the Greatest Show on Television
On Wanting to Dress Like Your Style Icon When You Don't Look Like Them
A Skin-Care Obsessive's Dilemma With Going on Accutane

Movie you could watch infinity times: "Moulin Rouge"

Book you'll read again and again: "The Truth About Diamonds" by Nicole Richie

Show you're currently bingeing: "The Other Two," "Everything’s Gonna Be Okay," "Better Things," "The Bold Type"

Most recent "saved" Instagram: I have been painstakingly recreating as many of Zoë Kravitz’s "High Fidelity" outfits as possible, so I flagged this Harley Viera-Newton post

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All-time style icon: Mary-Kate Olsen

Name/describe your pet(s): I don't have any and I don't want to talk about it

First-ever job: Regurgitating press releases for a group of B2B engineering magazines

Pump-up jam: "Piece of Me" by Britney Spears

Favorite candy: Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme (I will not apologize for this!!!)

Beauty product you're most loyal to: The Ordinary's Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

Favorite conspiracy theory: That the government killed Brittany Murphy (RIP, angel)

Least favorite word: Republican

What you wanted to be when you grew up: A writer 

What's helping you stay sane right now: CBD and the uh, not-legal-here "version" of CBD

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