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You Can Buy Non-Medical Face Masks From These Fashion Brands Right Now

In addition to those donating masks to health care and essential workers, several designers are now making them for consumers as the CDC reviews its guidelines for public mask use.
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Masks have become one of the most ubiquitous and confusing topics amid all the coronavirus talk. You're probably hearing a lot about N95 and shortages and companies pivoting to manufacturing them and conflicting statements regarding whether or not regular people without symptoms should use them. 

Here's what we know: While the CDC has previously advised against wearing masks unless you're coughing or sick, this week, it began reviewing those guidelines based on new data showing the extent to which asymptomatic people are unwittingly transmitting the virus. While many experts say more people should wear masks, others worry such a recommendation could lead to hoarding that prevents healthcare workers from getting the masks they so desperately need. Today, the CDC officially recommends we all wear masks in public.

While workers should obviously take priority when it comes to medical-grade masks, non-medical masks are becoming more and more available via fashion brands big and small. Some are donating them to essential workers in addition to selling them to consumers; others are donating proceeds to charities; others may just have some free time or want to give their sewers a job; and still others were making them before all this happened. So if you feel having your own mask would help protect you or others, and you don't feel crafty enough to make your own, shop them in the gallery below. (Unsurprisingly, some companies are or will be sold out or forced to shift to pre-order.)

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