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Stretch and Share: Get to Know Senior Sustainability Reporter Whitney Bauck

She's far more articulate about the Enneagram than about astrology, for starters.
whitney bauck sustainability reporter

Back when going to the office was a thing, the Fashionista team would sometimes break for an afternoon "stretch and share," a chance to briefly get away from our screens, move our bodies and share responses to a fun, easy prompt. We realized there’s no reason not to continue doing this in our own homes, and even get our readers involved. So in this series, each of our editors will share a bit about themselves and even suggest a stretch for you to do as well, if you’re so inclined! Next up: Senior Sustainability Reporter Whitney Bauck.

Stretch: Half pigeon.

Hometown: Manila, Philippines.

Sun/rising/moon signs: Scorpio/Libra/Gemini. (I had to look that up.)

Enneagram type: 8w7. (I didn't have to look that up.)

How and when did you start working at Fashionista? I started freelancing with Fashionista in 2016, and joined the team full-time later that year.

List three of your favorite articles you've written: I can't pick from all time, so I'll stick with the last 12 months. I learned so much while researching carbon neutrality for this piece that it might as well have been a college course. Writing about regenerative farming turned me into the kind of person who goes to social gatherings where the express purpose is to talk about soil health. And this piece on whether we need more "sustainable" fashion brands really changed how I think about and cover the fashion ethics beat.

Movie you could watch infinity times: Dance films from the mid-2000s (hello "Step Up"); HBO's miniseries adaptation of Tony Kushner's play "Angels in America."

Book you'll read again and again: "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran, "My Bright Abyss" by Christian Wiman, any poetry by Mary Oliver.

Show you're currently bingeing: Feels like a cardinal sin to admit in this day and age but I rarely watch TV. I did watch all of "Fleabag" in two sittings, though.

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Most recent "saved" Instagram: A @dimda_ post showing a vintage sneaker upper turned into a jeans pocket.

All-time style icon: My best friend Jack.

Name/describe your pet(s): I stumbled into caring for a friend's bunny pre-lockdown, so now I'm living with a long-eared, very soft pal named Gwen who treats my living room like a mini race track.

First-ever job: If you don't count the entrepreneurial ventures, which included everything from pie-baking to shed-painting, I think the first would be working as a stringer in the photography department at a local newspaper. 

Pump-up jam: Currently starting my days with "Motivation" by Normani and "My Gurl" by Asukal.

Favorite candy: Dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joe's.

Beauty product you're most loyal to: Rituals Body Scrub.

Favorite conspiracy theory: Exxon — the world's largest oil and gas company — knew about climate change 40 years ago (and knew how the products they created contributed to it) and spent millions to spread misinformation about it and convince people it wasn't happening. But oh wait, that's not a conspiracy theory, that's proven fact!

Least favorite word: "Artsy."

What you wanted to be when you grew up: A writer, an actor, a dancer, a fashion designer, a humanitarian worker.

What's helping you stay sane right now: Going on (masked, socially distant) walks to see the flowers blooming in a cemetery near my apartment.

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