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24 Beauty Products to Try Now Because, Well, Why the Hell Not?

Consider these picks the homemade sourdough of the beauty realm.
dr dennis gross led face mask

As the global Covid-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on just about every aspect of daily life, many of us are trying to carve out new routines for ourselves in social isolation. For those of us who are fortunate enough to have remained healthy and able to work from home, there's likely a bit of cabin fever — with a hefty dose of anxiety and twist of stir-craziness — setting in. You've already gotten weirdly into puzzles, made a semi-successful version of a fluffy coffee, made a less-successful version of sourdough, organized your junk drawer and spent an inordinate amount of time gazing wistfully out the window while simultaneously experiencing multiple symptoms of a panic attack (just me?). So why not go ahead and use this time to fuck around with some beauty products you might not have considered using before?

I'm talking about those skin-care gadgets and tools you've seen on Instagram but never really felt like you had time for amidst your daily hustle, those ultra-satisfying peels that allow your feet to shed dead skin like a snake, the body-care rituals that once seemed far too time-consuming and the high-tech face masks that'll freak out your quarantine partners. Whether it's out of boredom, wanting to distract yourself from the constant news cycle or merely a way of occupying your time at home, I hope these products might make your days in isolation a little less bleak and maybe even a little more fun. Ahead, my picks for the top beauty products to try now because, well, why the hell not? 

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