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29 Statement-Making Hair Accessories for When You Roll Out of Bed and Turn on Zoom

Virtually impress with beaded headbands and pearl-embellished barrettes.

When quarantining alone in a New York City apartment the size of a large walk-in closet, you really don't have much to look at other than your own reflection, probably on a screen. Nowadays, that means being faced with what you look like as you lead a meeting or catch up with friends. That's been my reality for the past two-plus months, at least. And seeing myself like that so often has caused me to obsess over any small imperfection — especially when it comes to my hair.

I have ringlet curls some days, odd waves on others. Plus, it seems like the left side of my hair is somehow growing at twice the rate of my right side. (Is that possible?) I haven't touched a straightener or hair dryer since I started self-isolating, which is good for the health of my hair but bad for the person who has to witness the untamed mess attached to my head. 

It took me a few weeks of frightening frizz before remembering the genius way I masked my unfortunate hair as a child: headbands. And instead of resorting to heated tool or scissors to deal with misbehaving strands, I've also added barrettes, bows, pearl-embellished bobby pins, '90s-inspired clips and fun hair ties to my routine. Though they're small and may seem inconsequential, these accessories make me look put-together, even without an ounce of makeup and in a full pajama set. 

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Below, find an assortment of hair accessories that will become the talk of your virtual happy hours. The best part? You don't even have to wash your hair more than twice a week for you to rock these styles. Happy shopping! 

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