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[SPONSORED] Looking for a Completely Unique, Customizable Father's Day Gift?

Check out the knife accessory your dad didn't even know he needed.
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Father's Day is June 21 — we could all use a reminder, and coming up with an original, actually-useful gift can feel even more challenging than remembering what day it is. We're here to help.

At this point, your dad is probably all set with socks, wallets and ties (to wear...where exactly?), so might we suggest a legitimately beautiful, customized pocket knife?

We'd never really looked at knives as fashion accessories until we heard about Deejo. French founders (so you know it's chic) Luc Foin and Stéphane Lebeau launched Deejo with the goal of (re)kindling the pleasure of having a knife in your pocket when you need one, turning an everyday object into a stylish heirloom. Their knives are the size of a pen, practically weightless and boast superior quality. They're easy to carry, to use, and to make yours with practically limitless customization options for every type of dad. It's the rare gift that's beautiful, original, timeless and actually useful. Ranging in price from $24.90 to $79.90, it also won't break the bank.

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Creating a personalized piece for your dad is similar to building, say, a custom pair of sneakers. You can choose every last detail on the brand's website (and see every update in real time), from the weight and finish, to selecting a "tattoo" for the blade and engraving the handle with his initials or a special dedication. Despite being made-to-measure, the knives ship insanely quickly, within 48 hours, and are typically delivered in two-to-four days. (While you don't need to enter a store to create and order your knife, they are also available at over 6,000 retailers around the world.)

Deejo has over 60 tasteful illustrations you can choose to have tattooed on the blade (it's much safer than a real tattoo, especially now), and regularly adds to that list; it added 12 this year, specifically targeting car enthusiasts, former punk rockers and more. From floral patterns to architectural landmarks to a circuit board, there really is something for everyone. Browse some of our favorites below, and head here to get started customizing your own.

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