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Are You Buying Clothes Right Now?

Tell us how the Covid-19 pandemic and other events have impacted your shopping tendencies — or lack thereof — in this super-quick survey.
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The world has changed so much in the past three months that it feels as though our heads will never stop spinning. Everything we do is predicated on a new set of considerations — and that includes shopping

As many of us take pay cuts, furloughs or lose our jobs entirely, retailers have been dealing with store closures and even bankruptcies. And even those who still have discretionary spending money probably don't have a whole lot to shop for. Meanwhile, as social justice issues come to a head, corporate PR decisions have been made to garner public favor for brands (which have in many cases been subverted by individuals exposing their hypocrisy with behind-the-scenes stories).

We're curious: How are you navigating all this? Are you still only shopping for leisurewear or building a summer wardrobe of dresses and sandals? Have you started dressing up more or less since the beginning of quarantine? Have brands' decisions to donate funds, make public statements, be transparent about their workforce or commit to diversifying their offerings changed your opinions of them?

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If you have a moment or need a short distraction, we'd love for you to take this quick, anonymous survey about your shopping habits in quarantine (and please share it with friends!). It literally only takes a minute. We'll share the results in a few weeks.

Click here to take Fashionista's anonymous quarantine shopping survey.