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Chloe x Halle (and Their Tennis Court) Star in Fendi's Latest Campaign

It's the first time the brand cedes "complete creative control to the talent," according to a press release.
Fendi #MeAndMyPeekaboo_ChloeXHalle_1

On Wednesday, Fendi released the latest chapter — and the newest ambassadors — of its #MeAndMyPeekaboo series, which spotlights famous relatives and their Peekaboo bags. This time, it stars multi-hyphenates Chloe x Halle (and their now-famous tennis court) in a video shot in Los Angeles. 

This campaign marks a first for Fendi: It's the first time the brand cedes "complete creative control to the talent," according to a press release — meaning Chloe x Halle got to build their own team to create the imagery. That team includes art director Andrew Makadsi (who frequently creative-directs for the duo), videographer Derek Milton (who has worked with both Chloe x Halle and Beyoncé), photographer Julian Dakdouk (who shot some of the visuals for their latest album, "Ungodly Hour") and stylist Zerina Akers (who styles the siblings personally). 

In the video, Chloe x Halle wear looks from Fendi's Pre-Fall 2020 collection as they pose on their tennis court with their Peekaboo bags, eat at an elaborate tablescape with their Peekaboo bags and swim in a pool with their Peekaboo bags — all as their track "Busy Boy," from "Ungodly Hour," plays.  

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"#MeAndMyPeekaboo celebrates the intimate family relationships that represent inseparable bonds, and there is no more visible pair of sisters right now than Chloe x Halle," Silvia Venturini Fendi, the brand's creative director, said in a statement. (Past #MeAndMyPeekaboo campaigns have featured three generations of Kardashians, the Quann siblings and J-Pop stars Ami and Aya.) 

Chloe x Halle added: "We have been more than happy to be part of this project. We have always been huge fans of Fendi and working side by side as sisters is truly a blessing."The Peekaboo bag they model in the campaign is expected to arrive in stores in August.

See all the images in Chloe x Halle's #MeAndMyPeekaboo campaign in the gallery, below.

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