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14 Mask Chains That'll Easily Jazz up Your Face Coverings

They also double as eyewear retainers.
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Last summer, I chronicled the rise of sunglasses chains, noting that the eyewear retainers had lost their fratty origins and solidified themselves as cool outfit accents. A year later, and these necklace-like Croakies are still trending, but instead of serving as a  practical leash for your sunnies, they're now being used to jazz up face masks

The dual-purpose chains (they offer a chic alternative to tucking glasses into the neckline of a top) easily attach to the straps of your face mask and provide an aesthetically pleasing boost via colorful beads and pearls to an otherwise sterile look. Plus, they also ensure your mask is with you at all times and won't get lost in the depths of your handbag when you take it off to enjoy an outdoor meal. Shop a selection of mask chains below that go well with those blue disposable masks or the more fashion and eco-friendly, reusable fabric ones (shop our favorites here). Stay safe and always wear a face covering!

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