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19 Halter Tops That'll Make You Feel Like a Cooler Version of Your Early 2000s Self

From casual ribbed styles to dressed-up silk options.

Think back to the early 2000s, when going-out tops of the tube and strappy halter variety were about all the pre-Instagram It Girls wore after dark. Then, Paris Hilton became more widely known as Kim Kardashian's former employer and less thought of as the sartorial messiah, so these flimsy tops were cast aside along with rhinestone-studded belts and Juicy Couture tracksuits. 

But here's where we remind you that everything old is new again, because this midriff-baring blouse trend is making a comeback and is among the many early aughts essentials — like iridescent lip gloss — to find its way back into the modern zeitgeist. The tube top has enjoyed a resurgence for a few summers now and we're happy to report that its old friend, the halter top, has finally joined in on the revival. 

The 2020 halter top isn't much different than the 2001 version, in that metallic napkins still count. The main contrast is in the styling of the top: Perhaps you paired it with Old Navy flip-flops and low-rise jeans back in the day of landlines, but now it can be worn with everything from a prairie skirt to Bermuda shorts. Ahead, shop 19 of our favorite styles. 

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