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Great Outfits in Fashion History: Cynthia Erivo in a Thom Browne Gown That Took 11 People and 800 Hours to Create

And it shows!
Cynthia Erivo Golden Globes 2020 Thom Browne

There are perfectly good celebrity style moments, and then there are the looks that really stick with you, the ones you try desperately to recreate at home. In 'Great Outfits in Fashion History,' Fashionista editors are revisiting their all-time favorite lewks.

I know it's a recent pick, but I do believe the custom Thom Browne gown that Cynthia Erivo wore to the 2020 Golden Globes will go down as a Great Outfit in red-carpet history. 

Styled by Jason Bolden, the black and white, off-the-shoulder look was "beaded by 11 people, and [took] 800 hours to complete," she told Vanity Fair at the time, adding that Old Hollywood icons like Lena Horne and Diahann Carroll served as references for the look. Browne also added some personal touches for Erivo, like incorporating her favorite flower — peonies — into the design, inside the hem of the skirt, per E!. She accessorized with a cool $3 million's worth of jewelry. 

Cynthia Erivo Thom Browne Full Look Golden Globes 2020

Erivo and Browne's relationship seems to stem from mutual love and appreciation: In the September 2020 issue of Town & Country, they're put in conversation with fellow brand muse Jordan Roth and discuss the looks they've worked on together, how they challenge each other and what inspires one about the other. 

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"I knew of Cynthia because of how talented she is; it's her talent that really grounds her importance," Browne said of Erivo. "But also she's somebody who has such a sense of herself. I think there are so many people out there that just get dressed by other people, but working with her was so special because I was with somebody who knew what she liked, knew what works for her, knew what was interesting, and also appreciated true design. She wasn't just wanting the latest trend." 

Erivo and Browne first worked together on the white, embellished, one-sleeved gown she wore to the 2017 Met Gala. "I loved the individuality in your pieces and the way it didn't really matter what gender you were — you could still wear everything," she said, in Town & Country. "It's the wonderful way that you’re able to express all sides of someone, and that’s what drew me to you in the first place."

You might not be able to get Erivo's exact Thom Browne look, but you can shop LBDs inspired by her in the gallery, below.

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