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Must Read: How Gen Z Thinks About Beauty, Fans Clamor for Michelle Obama's 'Vote' Necklace

Plus, Michael Kors on Covid and his customers.

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Wednesday.

How Gen Z thinks about beauty
In a story for The New York Times, Rachel Strugatz speaks with members of Gen Z to find out how they're shopping for beauty and what that means for brands looking to court their dollars. Whether it's courting TikTok stars or rethinking established formulas, these are tips on what Gen Z is looking for in beauty brands. {New York Times}

Fans clamor for Michelle Obama's "VOTE" necklace
Former First Lady Michelle Obama's moving speech at the DNC wasn't the only thing going viral this week. Fans were clamoring to get their hands on a copy of her "VOTE" necklace from designer Chari Cuthbert. Kate Bennett talks with Cuthbert about the impact the moment has had on her independent business, ByChari, for CNN. {CNN}

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Michael Kors on Covid and his customers
Bridget Foley catches up with designer Michael Kors after a Zoom trunk show with his customers. Now on the cusp of his 40th anniversary in the business, Kors discusses everything from the impact of Covid on his design process and the value of connecting directly with his customers to how he plans on moving forward. {WWD}

Amira Rasool shares her big plans for The Folklore
There may have been a dust up with Taylor Swift when Amira Rasool found the merch for Swift's new album "Folklore" to be too similar to the branding for her own company, The Folklore, but Rasool isn't dwelling on that. She tells Refinery29's Eliza Huber that she wants The Folklore to become the LVMH of Africa. Get all the details on how she plans to do just that. {Refinery29}

Stylist Mecca James-Williams on the joy of styling her hair
Mecca James-Williams has become a star in the fashion industry, not just through her professional styling prowess, but also for her own personal style. Vogue's Akili King catches up with her to discuss the joys of styling her hair and her "inside-out mentality" of self-care. {Vogue}

Joan Smalls pens an op-ed about racism in fashion
She's been a supermodel almost from the moment she first set foot on a runway, but that has not shielded Joan Smalls from the omnipresent racism of the fashion industry. In a letter for Vogue UK, Smalls discusses why she's speaking out and what inspired her to launch Donate My Wage. {Vogue UK}

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