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See Every Princess-Perfect Dress in Lirika Matoshi's New Disney Collaboration

The maker of the viral strawberry dress is back with more floaty, frilly designs in celebration of Cinderella's 70th Anniversary.
Dresses from Lirika Matoshi's Cinderella collection.

Dresses from Lirika Matoshi's Cinderella collection.

Whether or not you know the name Lirika Matoshi, you've probably seen her designs. Her pink tulle strawberry dress has become one of the most viral sartorial hits of the summer, frequently spotted on TikTok stars, in Twitter memes, on Instagram and more. Fantastic and fanciful, it feels a world away from the sweatpants and biker shorts so many of us are wearing these days.

In write-ups of the strawberry dress, it's princess-y nature is often cited by those who love it. So it feels natural that Matoshi has teamed up with Disney this August to create a Cinderella-inspired collection in honor of the princess's 70th birthday.

"Inspired by nature and the setting of Cinderella, Lirika recreated her interpretation of Cinderella's iconic style with modern and dramatic pieces," the brand said in a statement. The dresses will be available for pre-order starting on August 15 on the brand's website.

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See every dress from Lirika Matoshi's Cinderella-inspired collection in the gallery below.

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