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Condé Nast Announces First Global Issue Uniting 26 Editions of 'Vogue' From Around the World

They're all coming together under one theme: "Hope."
"A Fishing Hope" by Sumayyah Al Suwaidi, via Vogue Arabia.

"A Fishing Hope" by Sumayyah Al Suwaidi, via Vogue Arabia.

In all of Vogue's 128-year history, the many international editions of the magazine have always done their own thing. But now, for the first time ever, all 26 global versions of Vogue are coming together under one editorial theme for their September/October 2020 issues.

Entitled "Hope," the global collaboration will feature a portfolio of artwork and photography curated by the editors-in-chief of all the editions of the publication. The initiative was prompted by "a global pandemic and the effects of the climate crisis, as well as millions of people coming together in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, condemning police brutality and systemic racism," according to a release from Condé Nast.

"We all need hope in our lives, now more than ever, and so at this tumultuous time, Vogue decided to bring all the global editions together around this optimistic, humane, forward-looking theme," Anna Wintour said in a statement. "Hope may be hard to find at a moment of crisis, but it also feels more essential than ever. It's part of our shared humanity, a source of delight and inspiration, and keeps us focused on a brighter future."

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In addition to art and photography collaborations that highlight up-and-coming talent, the "Hope" initiative will result in international editions printed in 19 languages, "hope"-themed ads and multimedia content to be published across digital, social and print channels. Issues will be available for purchase throughout August and through mid-September. 

Get a sneak peek of some of the imagery that will appear in the Vogue "Hope" portfolio below.

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