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Anna Sui Envisions a House Dress-Heavy Spring 2021

The collection was inspired by the comfort and security that comes from spending time at home.
Looks from the Spring 2021 Anna Sui collection. 

Looks from the Spring 2021 Anna Sui collection. 

Home is where the heart is — and in the case of Anna Sui's Spring 2021 collection, it's also where the flowy, apron-inspired pinafore frocks and crochet lace-trim Teva sandals are. 

Inspired by the designer's childhood, as well as the Depression-era watercolorist Charles Burchfield and the French Impressionist painter Berthe Morisot, Sui dreamt up a collection with a homespun feel. Fashion's favorite quarantine garment — the house dress — appears in several iterations, from covered in soothing mauve florals to embellished with intricate eyelet details and embroideries. Other household wardrobe staples featured include quilted jackets, printed shorts, embellished sweatshirts and negligée maxi dresses. There were even old T-shirts reimagined with tie-dye, which Sui made in partnership with a Philadelphia-based textile design studio that works with deadstock clothing. 

The idea of creating something new out of something old was carried over into the line's accessories. Sui worked with the eyewear company Earthings for Mondottica on using recycled plastic scraps from past Anna Sui sunglasses to make new frames. She also collaborated with Gifted Acorn to fashion brightly-colored, recycled aluminum can crocheted hats using empty Spindrift cans. 

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Sui is often associated with psychedelic prints and pattern-mixing, but this season she let herself take a step back from trippy jacquards and be drawn to the beautiful simplicity and comfort that comes from occupying a home with people you love. 

See the full Anna Sui Spring 2021 collection in the gallery, below. 

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