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Anonymous Industry Players Launch 'Biden Beauty' to Support the Democratic Presidential Bid [UPDATED]

Touted as 'the year's most important influencer brand,' a new, mysterious label is using makeup as a tool to vote Trump out of the White House.

As the 2020 Presidential Election looms ever nearer (Nov. 3! Nov. 3! Nov. 3!), the fashion and beauty industries are leveraging their resources to encourage voter turnout. And some are even being quite specific about whom, exactly, they want you to vote for (and against). On Wednesday, anonymous beauty industry insiders are introducing Biden Beauty, a new, mysterious label that's turning to makeup as a tool to vote Trump out of the White House — and Biden in. 

Touted as 'the year's most important influencer brand,' Biden Beauty is introducing one beauty product at launch — a makeup blender sponge selling for $20.20 — as well as merch like sweatshirts, tote bags and buttons, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Democratic National Committee and the Biden/Harris presidential campaign effort. Subsequent products will be rolled out in the future weeks. As a grassroots industry effort, Biden Beauty is not an initiative of the official Biden/Harris campaign nor the DNC, but it has been blessed by both.

"Biden Beauty's aim is to spread awareness and enthusiasm to get all Americans to the polls and to vote Blue," reads a press release introducing the brand. It also cheekily urges: "Let's cancel out orange for good, the only way beauty knows how — with color-correcting blue."

Biden Beauty recognizes that beauty is inherently political, and the industry has really bought into this of late, with more brands choosing to take political stances (in an increasingly tumultuous political climate). The brand hopes to tap into the resonance and reach of the beauty industry — as well as its ability to attract the attention of millennials and Gen-Zers, leverage social media to create buzz and rake in substantial sales with significant margins — to influence the 2020 election. A glimpse at the campaign imagery and merch (emblazoned with the phrase "America is beautiful") confirms that Biden beauty certainly has the Instagram aesthetic down. As for whether that will translate to sales (or, more importantly, votes), one can only hope.

Ahead of Biden Beauty's launch, Fashionista got the chance to ask an anonymous spokesperson behind the brand — who will apparently be revealed at a later time — a few questions (via email and through their PR representative — mysterious!). Read on for more insights.

Why did you see creating a beauty brand as an impactful way to get involved in supporting the Biden campaign?

It's no secret that the beauty community is the most powerful and influential in our modern day. Being a 'beauty insider,' my team and I wanted to amplify our community for the better good. We're seeing that young people — from millennials to Gen Z — have the power to change the course of history. But if we look at how they vote from 2018's primary, we're not showing up. We're not utilizing our civic duties in the right way. We hope to change that. Hopefully this beauty brand will inspire people to get out and vote — and vote blue. Beauty has always been intrinsically political, so it only makes sense that a brand like Biden Beauty would exist.

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What do you hope the public response is like to the brand?

We hope this brings interest to the Biden/Harris campaign and brings some inspiration into the voting process. Our Biden Beat beauty sponges are dual-sized, look like delicious blue gnocchi that we wouldn't recommend eating — just face beating. Yes, that rhymed on purpose. They're bouncy, effective and the best sponges on the market. The best part is: You get a face beat while beating out Trump. That's because all 100% of proceeds goes directly to the DNC, helping the Biden/Harris ticket.

When you reached out to the Biden campaign for approval, what was the campaign's response like? 

We support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and when we sent this to the team to give them a friendly head's up, it was heartening to know that we didn't get a 'that's malarkey!' from the vice president. Both of them are such good sports and know promoting the idea that America is beautiful is essential to bringing us all together. After all, when we vote, we are powerful. Voting works, people, so let's put our best faces forward, and get going!

Who do you most hope to reach and impact with this brand?

I hope this brand promotes the message that America is beautiful —and that's only because of the diverse array of people who live here. From all backgrounds, sexualities, gender identities, abilities, religions, ethnicities and more, this country is robust thanks to folx who bring uniqueness to it. We hope to inspire young and older to put their best face forwards, to feel beautiful, powerful, radiant and get to the polls.

See campaign imagery — and get a peek at Biden Beauty's first makeup launch and merch — in the gallery below. For more information on Biden Beauty, visit the brand on Instagram at @BidenBeauty or on its website at

UPDATE: Friday, Oct. 2, 3:43 p.m.: After much speculation, TMZ has confirmed that the "industry players" behind Biden Beauty are Very Good Light founder David Yi and his team.

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