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Cecilie Bahnsen Presents a Romantic, Eerie Vision for Spring 2021

"There's a feeling of melancholy," the designer said.
A scene from Cecilie Bahnsen's Spring 2021 film presentation.

A scene from Cecilie Bahnsen's Spring 2021 film presentation.

Danish darling Cecilie Bahnsen has finally quit the fashion schedule of her home in Copenhagen and moved on to Paris, as a symbol of her rising star in the industry. That move might have been more symbol than actual this season, since at least as many shows are happening digitally as in-person, but Bahnsen nonetheless has put the digital format to good use in a haunting film released on the Paris Fashion Week schedule.

In lieu of an in-person runway show due to the constraints imposed by Covid-19, Bahnsen recorded models walking outside in her romantic dresses, which feature plenty of house signatures like voluminous silhouettes, delicate fabrics and intricate details. The film hints vaguely at a narrative rather than straightforwardly telling a story – the women depicted move across a gray-skied hillside landscape, then onto a beach, before encountering an otherworldly mirror with a magical property.

The overall impact is beautiful but haunting, romantic in a "Wuthering Heights" sort of way. "There's a feeling of melancholy," the designer wrote in the show notes. 

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Into that mix Bahnsen added her second collaboration with the British heritage company Mackintosh, and a range of recycled fabrics in addition to exclusive in-house fabrics.

See every look from the Cecilie Bahnsen Spring 2021 collection in the gallery below.

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