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Must Read: Edward Enninful Covers 'Time', Katie Grand Has a New Project

Plus, how Rachael Wang hopes to change the fashion industry.
Edward Enninful.

Edward Enninful.

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Friday.

Edward Enninful covers Time
British Vogue's Edward Enninful covers Time, accompanied by a profile written by Diana Evans, who describes him as "the most powerful Black man in his industry." The editor discusses his own experiences growing up and constantly feeling "othered," as well as the inclusive vision he executes for the publication he helms: "I wanted to reflect what I saw here growing up, to show the world as this incredibly rich, cultured place. I wanted every woman to be able to find themselves in the magazine," he says. {Time}

Katie Grand on her new project
Katie Grand has walked away from Love, the publication she's run for more than a decade, and is swiftly pivoting to a new venture, The Perfect Magazine. "“It's not just another magazine," says Grand in an interview with Business of Fashion's Tim Blanks. "The idea is it's much more of a content agency, creating content for brands on screen, on paper, in an exhibition, or a party, if we're ever allowed to have parties again... It could be anything — or everything — I've ever done coming together." {Business of Fashion}

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Primer Rebelde De America is a new streetwear label that honors Indigenous culture
There's a growing trend of streetwear that honors Indigenous culture, and the latest label to join the buzz is Primer Rebelde De America, as Christian Allaire writes for Vogue. Co-founder Victor Vegas says he was inspired by his South American Indigenous heritage to launch the brand with his partner Liana Waller. "I wanted to translate Native American history into something that is easily consumable to the minds of youth," he explains. "Fashion is a universal language that any background or culture can understand....For me, Native Americans are the original punks." {Vogue}

Rachael Wang wants to change fashion with ethical styling
Rachael Wang is on a mission to change the fashion industry with an approach that emphasizes inclusivity, body diversity and sustainability, writes Shriya Samavi Manian for Teen Vogue. In the interview, the stylist says: "For me, creating visuals has always and will always strive to be about representation with the goal of achieving racial equity. On an individual level, I want to make sure that people who have been oppressed, marginalized, and excluded systemically can feel safe and empowered by my work." {Teen Vogue}

Fashion historian Shelby Ivey Christie is providing important cultural context through Twitter
Shelby Ivey Christie, known on Twitter as @bronze_bombSHEL, is a fashion historian who offers up important cultural context through the social media platform, educating her 37,000 followers on the subject. Speaking with Scarlett Newman, Christie says: "I want to show the world that Black people have always been a part of the fashion ethos. I wanted to... unpack how these are the nuanced contributions that Black people have made that have trickled into pop culture today." {Teen Vogue}

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