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Brilliance at Work: Edie Parker Taps Lisa Rinna for a Spring 2021 Infomercial

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As the Covid-19 crisis continues to keep in-person events off the table, fashion brands are experimenting with presenting upcoming collections in a digital format. But what to do when you're a fun, irreverent brand like Edie Parker? Snag an equally fun, equally irreverent Real Housewife to promote your Spring 2021 line!

Clearly, designer Brett Heyman is a "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" fan: She took style icon Erika Jayne to the 2018 CFDA Awards and now, she's tapping into Lisa Rinna's indefatigable energy to promote the next season of her acrylic wares. 

I'm a "Housewives" devotée, so admittedly, I may be slightly biased, but I find this infomercial-inspired presentation to be brilliant. This video has it all: an assuredly unauthorized take on Harry Styles's "Watermelon Sugar," approximately 500 mentions of Harry Hamlin, several references to Rinna's most famous (or infamous) lines from the show and of course, lots and lots of super cute bags and home goods. And Rinna, who has sold her own line on QVC, is clearly a pro at this whole "selling to customers" thing. (Though it's hard to imagine Rinna dumping out a bag of pills for the home shopping set!)

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It's completely unhinged, and I mean that as a very high compliment. If only all digital fashion presentations could be this fun! Watch the full Edie Parker Spring 2021 video above.

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