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Man Repeller Is Now Repeller — Just Repeller

The site announced the rebrand in a post titled, "Notice Anything Different Around Here?"
leandra Medine Man Repeller Book

The site previously known as Man Repeller will now simply be known as Repeller

In a post published on Wednesday titled "Notice Anything Different Around Here?," the editorial team reintroduced its readers to the publication, through a new look and a new name. 

"These updates are just one part of the larger changes we’ve been working toward this year both internally and externally — a transformation that extends beyond the surface level of what Repeller simply looks like and actually reimagines what it is," they wrote. "These are just a few of many more changes to come."

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This rebrand comes months after founder Leandra Medine announced she'd be stepping back from the site she started in 2010, in light of renewed criticism over her company's lack of diversity, both in its content and on its staff. She remains listed as a founder on Repeller's contributor page and is involved with the brand, at some capacity. 

As part of this new chapter, Repeller is dropping the "man" from its title — probably the biggest, most noteworthy difference. 

The team explained that the site is shedding the heteronormative convention of its old name to clarify "that we're a brand made by and for the full range of odd eggs, banana nut loaves and curiously spicy sweet potato fries who want to find a community online. We think our name should reflect something that’s been true for a while: being a 'Man Repeller' was defined as empowering yourself by deflecting the male gaze when this site began 10 years ago, but today discovering yourself and earning your confidence feels far more multidimensional." 

The site — which was redesigned as well — is also adding a dedicated Shopping section, plus a proper contributor directory, as part of this new direction. 

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