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Must Read: Rent the Runway Ends Its Unlimited Service, Experts Warn Against TikTok's 'Tooth Shaving' Trend

Plus, the beauty industry leans into health.

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Friday.

Rent the Runway ends its Unlimited subscription service
Apparel and accessories rental company Rent the Runway is continuing to adjust its business model amidst pandemic-wrought challenges, announcing on Thursday that it would be adjusting its pricing plans for its subscription services, no longer offering unlimited rentals per month. The new iteration of the service will allow subscribers to choose between plans that allow them to rent four, eight or 16 items a month at $89, $135 or $199 a month, respectively. {WWD}

A TikTok trend encourages shaving teeth with nail files
Users on social media platform TikTok are embracing a new trend of shaving down teeth with nail files, a practice dentists are warning strongly against trying, writes Trey Alston for Paper. "The enamel on the surfaces of teeth is very thin and once it's filed down will never grow back," says Dr. Kami Hoss, CEO of The Super Dentists, in an interview with Alston. "Without the proper thickness of enamel protecting your teeth, your teeth may end up with sensitivity or pain, it will become more prone to cavities, and it will lose its luster and its white color (next layer, dentin, is yellow)." {Paper}

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The beauty industry leans into health
Wellness was taking off in the beauty industry well before the pandemic hit, but "in the middle of a global health crisis, doctor-endorsed products and nurse-administered treatments are more trendy than ever," writes Tamison O'Connor for Business of Fashion. This trend is impacting product development and marketing with an emphasis on "cleanliness, hygiene and disease prevention," despite the fact that these products aren't necessarily effective at following through on such promises, per O'Connor. {Business of Fashion}

Thebe Magugu launches e-commerce platform
On Friday, South African designer Thebe Magugu — winner of the 2019 LVMH Prize for Young Designers — launched his first e-commerce site, along with his Fall 2020 campaign. The site will also feature new pre-fall styles that are exclusive to the platform, {Fashionista inbox}

Dapper Dan discusses his legacy in exclusive Vogue video
Dapper Dan opens up about his career and his legacy in an exclusive video interview with Vogue. "Let's talk about how this really went down," he says. "I went from refashioning fashion to having fashion refashion me." He discusses the ups and downs of his legendary career and his artistic vision. "What I do [is] translate culture, make it possible for our culture to continue to have a significant impact on global fashion," he says. {Vogue}

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