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Great Outfits in Fashion History (Beauty Edition): In Appreciation of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Commitment to the Scrunchie

Who says you can't change the course of history *and* cultivate a signature beauty look?
The good old days.

The good old days.

There are perfectly good celebrity style moments, and then there are the looks that really stick with you, the ones you try desperately to recreate at home. In 'Great Outfits in Fashion History,' Fashionista editors are revisiting their all-time favorite lewks.

In the days since Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing, the world has been mourning the significant loss while reflecting on her many meaningful contributions. Allow me, in the midst of doing both of those things, to take a second to appreciate something less spoken about when it comes to RBG: her unwavering commitment to the scrunchie

Ginsburg is proof that it's entirely possible to change the course of history and cultivate a signature beauty look. Busy breaking barriers, fighting for women's rights and creating a legacy of a better and more just world, RBG didn't waste time dabbling in experimentation when it came to her hair. She settled on the sensible polished low bun as her signature early in her career, and then built out quite the scrunchie wardrobe to go along with it.

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Sure, scrunchies have come and gone in their trendiness over the years — never forget when they were bashed in that one "Sex and the City" episode — but Ginsburg remained steadfast in her loyalty to the humble accessory. Her practical, tidy hairstyle carried her through the decades, and it served her well as she served all of us even better. 

Click through the gallery below for a few favorite scrunchie picks should you wish to pay homage to RBG via hair accessory (though I'd recommend doing so by voting for a new president, too).

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