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Must Read: Saint Laurent Rive Droite Reveals Collaboration With Helmut Lang, Victor Glemaud Debuts Network for Black Creatives

Plus, Rep. Ayanna Pressley on hair loss and the Crown Act.
A sculpture created by Helmut Lang in collaboration with Saint Laurent. 

A sculpture created by Helmut Lang in collaboration with Saint Laurent. 

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Tuesday.

Saint Laurent Rive Droite reveals collaboration with Helmut Lang 
Saint Laurent's Anthony Vaccarello released plans for an upcoming collaboration with Helmut Lang on Tuesday. Called "Helmut Lang x Anthony Vaccarello for Saint Laurent Rive Droite," the designers came together to create artworks that are made from scraps of Saint Laurent items and accessories. The leftover products were then mixed with resin and transformed into large sculptures using aluminum molds. The sculptures, which will be available for purchase, will be displayed at Rive Droite in Paris and will move to Los Angeles after. {Fashionista inbox} 

Victor Glemaud debuts network for Black creatives
Victor Glemaud wanted to create a real support system for Black creatives in the fashion industry so he founded In the Blk, a professional network designed to help its members achieve economic independence. The organization will officially launch as a part of Paris Fashion Week in partnership with the Fédération as well as Instagram. The network already includes esteemed members like Virgil Abloh, Jason Rembert, Fe Noel, Omoyemi Akerele and Stella Jean. {Business of Fashion

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Rep. Ayanna Pressley on hair loss and the Crown Act
In a joint piece for Elle, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley and her friend Aisha Francis share their hair-loss journeys and how they learned to accept their baldness through a community of women who have lost some or all of their hair. "Our experiences are also why we are so passionate about ensuring passage of the Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair Act, or the CROWN Act, long-overdue legislation in Congress that would ban hair discrimination that disproportionately affects Black people," they write. "The CROWN Act makes clear that discrimination against natural and protective hairstyles associated with people of African descent, including hair that is tightly coiled or tightly curled, locs, cornrows, twists, braids, Bantu knots and Afros, is a prohibited form of racial or national origin discrimination in workplaces and schools." {Elle

An ode to Century 21 
Earlier this month, Century 21 filed for bankruptcy and announced it would close all 13 stores. The Cut's Matthew Schneier paid tribute to the discount chain in a new piece by talking with several style icons about its closing and what it meant to mine the store for treasures. "Not every New Yorker was a Century shopper," Schneier writes. "But for those who were, a fraternal order of the young, broke, or merely bargain obsessed, the store was a temple, a grand Deco dowager in shabby dishabillé." {The Cut

Will online marketplaces replace department stores?
The pandemic exacerbated problems that department stores have faced for over a decade. So, it's no surprise that designers are turning to online marketplaces, which offer brands exposure and another channel of distribution without the pains of wholesale. Lauren Sherman took a closer look at this model for Business of Fashion to weigh in on whether online marketplaces will and should replace department stores as the leading model for multi-brand retail. {Business of Fashion

How the African fashion industry is using new and traditional methods to become more sustainable 
Aside from moving most of its regional fashion weeks online to reduce its carbon footprint, the African fashion industry is working to prioritize homegrown manufacturing. In a piece for Quartz, Chika Oduah breaks down how various designers in Africa are promoting local production and sourcing, as well as looking to made-to-order models — which has long been a tradition in Africa — in order to build a more sustainable future. {Quartz

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