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Thank God Sienna Miller Went Out in Public Wearing This Gucci Dress, Honestly

To quote the iconic André Leon Talley, "My eyes are STARVING for beauty!"

As someone who has worked in digital media going on nine years now, I have had my fair share of Sunday evenings eaten up by a red carpet event. The job turned what was once a spectator sport into a race to get the fastest fashion IDs. In short: I would not, at the peak of awards season when 2020 started, have told you that I would ever, in a million years, miss red carpets

And yet! Here we are, Autumn 2020, and we've already missed so much thanks to Miss 'Rona: The Met Gala was canceled, Cannes was a bust, Venice was a quiet affair, the Emmys went digital. Blockbuster summer movies have been pushed (and pushed, and pushed). There was no Comic Con fun to be had, no September television press junkets to enjoy. To quote one Monsieur André Leon Talley, "My eyes are starving for beauty!"

Then, in my inbox on Friday morning, a bright light in the celebrity style darkness. (No offense meant to Ana de Armas, who has single-handedly been attempting to prop up paparazzi street-style culture, bless her.) Sienna Miller, a longtime fashion darling and actor, attended the Monte-Carlo Gala For Planetary Health —sure! I'll take it! — in a sexy black Gucci dress. Seeing the slinky velvet contrasted with the high-shine patent leather straps was like finding water in a desert, a salve for my celebrity-style loving soul.

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In fact, it was head-to-toe Gucci for Miss Miller, who completed the look with "salmon pink metallic leather high heel sandals" (please excuse the use of quotation marks; it's not that I don't trust Gucci's press release, we just can't see them), a wooden clutch with a tiger head closure and delicate jewelry. Covid-19 is still raging out there, so I'm glad to see Miller wearing a silk black mask in some pictures, as well. 

And it just wouldn't be a Sienna Miller look without an undone hairstyle — in this case, it's a messy bun with face-framing bang growth. Really, I appreciate the laid-back feel of it against the sensual vibes of the harness-detail neckline. 

Mostly, though, I'm happy to be able to log into the ol' Getty Images account and see a fresh celebrity photo from my imaginary French photographer friend, Pascal Le Segretain, and think, "I would love to write about this look." Once again: Here we are!

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