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Gucci Launches Official Resale Partnership With the RealReal

It joins the ranks of Stella McCartney and Burberry in incentivizing customers to shop and sell secondhand.
gucci the realreal secondhand resale

Gucci's getting in on the resale game. On Monday, the luxury label announced the launch of a new partnership with The RealReal, which will feature a new dedicated Gucci e-commerce site for secondhand pieces from consignors and from the brand itself.

Gucci joins a growing number of brands that are taking control of their own resale markets: Stella McCartney paved the way as the first luxury brand to partner with The RealReal in 2017, and Burberry followed suit in 2019. Now, even the more affordable end of the market is joining the movement, with Levi's making a similar announcement about a dedicated recommerce site (not connected to The RealReal) on the same day as Gucci.

Recapturing its own thriving secondhand market is a smart business move for Gucci. According to a release from the brand, the Italian fashion house is one of the most in-demand brands on The RealReal.

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"Gucci continues to see strong growth in resale demand (up another 19% this year), and is the most in-demand men's brand for the third year in a row," the release said. "Gucci also commands strong resale value for consignors, with clothing resale value 2.3x stronger than average compared to all brands sold on The RealReal."

Getting involved in its own secondhand market also gives the brand greater sustainability cred. Keeping clothing and accessories in use for longer is better for the planet so they avoid landfills and prevent the need for new items. To underscore that sustainability commitment, The RealReal and Gucci are making donations to the reforestation non-profit One Tree Planted for every Gucci item purchased or sold across The RealReal channels.

"Gucci is raising the bar not only for the fashion industry, but for all companies by continuously innovating to make its business more sustainable," The RealReal CEO Julie Wainwright said, in a statement. "Together we're shining a global spotlight on resale that we hope will encourage all consumers to support the circular economy and join us in reducing fashion's carbon footprint."

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