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Was Kristen Stewart the Best Thing About the Chanel Spring 2021 Show?

Not no.
kristen stewart chanel spring 2021 outfit

Whatever you thought of Chanel's latest runway offering, you have to admit the brand has good taste in ambassadors. Kristen Stewart wasn't really at Chanel's Spring 2021 show, but even so, she managed to be one of the chicest things to emerge from it, photographed remotely on a makeshift step-and-repeat that might've been tucked into the corner of her basement, for all we know.

To help promote the new Chanel show without being on the front row in person, Stewart posed wearing a full look from the Fall 2020 collection. The look featured a silky white button-up shirt, an ivory miniskirt and a black tie, plus pearly-white socks with shiny black oxford shoes. In some photos, she also wore a lacy ivory jacket over top. Wearing all white feels like an inherently confident move — how are you going to get through the day without spilling anything on yourself?! — but coming from Stewart, that boldness really shouldn't be much of a surprise. It's the tie and sock-shoe combo, though, that really bring this look home, adding a tomboyish edge to the clean-cut look.

See more pictures of Kristen Stewart appearing remotely at the Chanel Spring 2021 show in the gallery below.

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