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Must Read: Retailers Are Pushing Pre-Election Sales, How the Beauty Industry Can Stop Excluding the LGBTQ+ Community

Plus, The British Fashion Council cancels the next London Fashion Week.

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Friday.

Brands are pushing hard for sales ahead of the election
"The coming weeks will be a test of what happens when the holiday shopping bonanza collides with one of the most fraught political events in recent history," writes Hilary George-Parkin for Vox's The Goods. "Just as America’s top political strategists are currently mapping out different election outcomes... brands are creating contingency plans for how and when they'll be able to sell you stuff again." {The Goods/Vox}

Beauty has a long way to go to become more inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community
"Is beauty ready to go beyond Pride Month product releases?" asks Alexa Tietjen of WWD in a story exploring how the industry could become far more inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community. "The LGBTQ community has long been a wellspring for beauty trends and yet, companies that capitalize on such trends tend to exclude the very people who started them." {WWD}

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The British Fashion Council cancels London Fashion Week in January
The British Fashion Council announced it will not be holding London Fashion Week in January 2021, instead moving the next edition of the event to the end of February 2021. It also noted that menswear designers are "encouraged" to take part in the February event. "The decision...was made in light of the current environment surrounding Covid-19, challenges around the movement of goods, samples and people in the single market and customs union post Brexit, and following surveys and roundtables with designers, as well as conversations with sales showrooms regarding selling periods," expressed the Council via a press release. {Fashionista inbox}

Why Gen-Z loves thrifting
Eliza Huber explores the way members of Gen-Z approach thrift shopping as a "lifestyle," rather than just a way to shop for Refinery29. The writer spoke with teens and early 20-somethings about their approach and philosophy surrounding thrifting, with uniqueness, environmental impact, the thrill of finding a great deal and financial savings all being cited as important factors. {Refinery29}

Karla Welch created Stella Artois merch
Celebrity stylist Karla Welch partnered with Stella Artois to create a new collection of merch in the form of unisex loungewear, T-shirts, masks and bandanas. The line, proceeds from which will be donated to support the National Resources Defense Council, makes its debut on Friday on Welch's website. {Fashionista inbox}

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