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Stella Bugbee Steps Down as Editor-in-Chief of The Cut

She's moving into a new editor-at-large position at 'New York.'
Stella Bugbee

On Tuesday, Stella Bugbee announced that she would be stepping down from her role as SVP and editor-in-chief of New York's The Cut.

She broke the news to her staff in a memo sent out this morning, according to the magazine. "This is a decision I've been mulling for a while, even before the pandemic," she wrote. "It was something that I thought about long and hard, discussed with David [Haskell, New York's editor-in-chief] for months, and ultimately decided on doing now. It’s been a very challenging year for everybody but as we settle into a 'new normal' way of working, it seems like the right time to think about the future." 

Bugbee will still be a part of the masthead, in a newly-created editor-at-large role at New York. (She already has a project under this title: a new podcast with Hanna Rosin, the magazine's editorial director for audio.) Plus, she'll contribute a regular column to The Cut, as well as executive produce its podcast. A replacement hasn't been named — Bugbee plans to stay on until they're hired — but a search is underway by Vox Media, New York's parent company. 

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The editor has been working at New York since 2011. The following year, Bugbee took the helm of The Cut. Since then, she's grown it from a vertical to a full-fledged brand. In 2017, she was promoted from editorial director of The Cut to president and editor-in-chief. 

Reflecting on her time working at The Cut, Bugbee reminisced to her staff: "I had no idea how much this job would change my life. I got to work with some of the funniest, smartest women, during a time when women became the center of the news, and cover fashion at a time when the industry went through seismic changes. We fought to make people believe what we knew: that we could do whatever we wanted, cover style, publish personal essays, profiles, columns and fiction, and be unapologetically horny at the same time. We never stopped trying to top ourselves and we never stopped trying to have fun."

You can read the full announcement here.

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