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Fashion Students: Tell Us How Your School Is Doing in the Wake of Covid-19

Take our quick survey on collegiate life amidst the pandemic.
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The Covid-19 pandemic has caused massive disruption to education at every level and it's presented unique challenges in the world of fashion education, where many concentrations rely on hands-on instruction and creation, as well as access to tools one can't typically find at home.

We know many fashion schools began experimenting with digitizing the learning process in the early days of quarantine, before students dispersed for the summer. Now with the fall semester in full swing, we're curious if and how they've built upon those procedures to safely provide the level of education students and their families are expecting (and paying for).

Usually, around this time, we focus on our annual ranking of fashion schools to provide prospective students with additional information to aid in their search for the right fit. Given the unprecedented nature of this year and its continuing impact on schools, we decided instead to focus on how these institutions are handling the pandemic — especially from the students' perspective. That's where you come in. 

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If you're currently enrolled in a fashion program, anywhere in the world, we want to hear from you (and your friends and classmates, so please share!). We put together a super-quick, completely anonymous survey, which you can take below. We'll receive absolutely no personal information from you and the info you do provide will only be used in the context of this survey.

In addition to getting a better sense of what student life is like amid these unprecedented challenges, our goal is to help those in the process of applying or deciding on schools know what to expect.

Take our two-minute survey here. We appreciate your time!

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