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14 Cozy Robe Coats For When You Just Have to Go Outside

Bring the coziness of your stay-at-home wardrobe to your outerwear.
New York Fashion Week Street Style Fall 19 Wrap Robe Coat

We've grown accustomed to the stay-at-home lifestyle (and wardrobe) over the past however many months. But as the temperatures continue to drop, our uniform of sweatpants and sweatshirts might not cut it for the occasional masked venture outside. So, we must get reacquainted with layering — however, you can bring the coziness of your favorite inside clothes to your outerwear this season, thanks to the growing popularity of robe coats. 

See, more and more brands are dropping wrap-front toppers this winter that mimic the feel of our beloved bathrobes: soft and plushy, like a warm hug. When you do have to go outside, be it to pick up food or essentials, you can pop on your robe coat over your sweatsuit and go about your day, all while maintaining the same level of comfort. Shop some of our favorite styles in the gallery, below. 

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