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13 Sweatpant-and-Loafer Combos To Try This Winter

The unlikely duo is rather chic.

Whether or not you believe that sweatpants are forever, the baggy bottoms truly defined the look of 2020. We wore them while we adjusted to living room office spaces and as we got too familiar with our couches. They acted as our sartorial security blankets through a time of uncertainty and fear. In a way, the stretched-out pants stood up to the fine-tailored trousers that make up a power suit by proving that they may not be allowed in a boardroom, but they can take on a pandemic. And so, sweatpants, which were once the crown jewel of a sluggish Sunday, became the hero piece of a productive Monday. 

A handful of influencers have embraced the former schlubby staple, pairing the cozy pants with a longstanding fall favorite: the loafer. At first, the duo felt a bit odd — like seeing your middle school teacher in pajamas — but it's actually rather chic and an easy way to dress up your work-from-home 'fit. 

Ahead, we've come up with 13 sweatpant-and-loafer pairings to try this winter. To complete the look, we highly recommend adding a colorful ribbed sock or a pearl anklet. Click through the gallery below to find your favorite combo. 

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