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These Are the Top Trending Fashion and Beauty Searches From 2020

It might not surprise you to learn that many were looking for face masks, disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer.
Street Style PFW Face Mask

In its annual Year in Search report, Google releases (like the name suggests) the top trending searches — which it defines as terms that saw an increase in traffic compared to the previous year, according to a representative from the company — from users in the U.S. These typically range in topic and nature, from the names of actors, athletes and politicians to how-to's. Its 2020 findings were made public on Wednesday, and the fashion-, beauty- and shopping-related categories, specifically, reflect the realities of living amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Questions on how to cut hair at home and where to buy face masks, disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer abound, as do inquiries about skin care and various ingredients found in products. We also see trends that have been emerging over the past few years, like TikTok-favorite products and style archetypes, make the cut. You can look through the full report here; below, discover Google's top trending searching in the fashion and beauty spaces.

Beauty how to's

How to cut men's hair at home
How to plop hair
How to color your hair at home
How to wash your hands
How to style curtain bangs
How to cut women's hair
How to do knotless braids
How to fade hair
How to trim your own hair
How to dermaplane

Where to buy…

Where to buy PS5
Where to buy toilet paper
Where to buy face masks
Where to buy Xbox series X
Where to buy hand sanitizer
Where to buy Ju-C jelly candy
Where to buy Nintendo Switch
Where to buy Lysol spray
Where to buy Clorox wipes
Where to buy N95 mask

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Questions on skin care

What is the best skin care line
What are the best skin care products
How to build a skincare routine
What order to do skincare
What is AHA in skincare
How to get rid of acne
What does vitamin C do for your skin
What does hyaluronic acid do
What does toner do for your face
What is combination skin

"What does…" on skin care

What does vitamin C do for your skin
What does hyaluronic acid do
What does retinol do
What does toner do
What does niacinamide do
What does lactic acid do
What does clean skin care mean
What does glycolic acid do
What does micellar water do
What does serum do

Celebrity outfits

Noah Cyrus outfit
Maria Taylor outfit
Lil Nas X Grammy outfit
Billie Eilish Grammy outfit
Lizzo basketball game outfit
Jennifer Lopez Super Bowl outfit
Travis Scott Natman outfit
Melania Trump outfit
Harry Styles outfits
Shakira Super Bowl outfit

Fashion styles

Indie style
Streetwear style
Alt style
Urban style
Skater girl style
80s style clothing
Boho style
E girl style
Y2K style
Retro style

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