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Kim Jones Collaborated with Painter Peter Doig for the Dior Men's Fall 2021 Collection

In pursuit of the "captivating dialogue between art and fashion."
The finale at the Dior men's Fall 2021 collection. 

The finale at the Dior men's Fall 2021 collection. 

The debate about whether or not art should be considered fashion isn't likely to go away anytime soon. But sometimes designers bypass the conversation by collaborating directly with the creatives that are recognized, unmistakably, as artists. 

That's what Kim Jones did in his latest menswear collection for Dior by choosing to partner with Peter Doig. The Scottish painter has set records for the highest-grossing auction price at Sotheby's, and for Dior's Fall 2021 collection, he decided to grace menswear with his work in what the French house called "a bold celebration of the passionate, captivating dialogue between art and fashion."

The result is a collection that features plenty of the dark blues, grays, browns and blacks that are often associated with winter, but the clothing is also shot through with spots of brightness: canary yellow, traffic cone orange, firetruck red. Some of the coats feature Doig's paintings prominently, while other pieces just hint at the artistic collaboration.

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In terms of form, the designs looked to military uniforms for inspiration, while embellished details and rich brocades added a bit of frivolity to counteract any lingering military austerity. Hats designed by Stephen Jones — including berets, bowlers and holey knits — were sprinkled liberally throughout, and logo-laden bags were present as well. 

See every look from the Dior men's Fall 2021 collection in the gallery below.

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