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Harry Styles Dancing in Sparkling Gucci Is the Good Omen for 2021 I Needed

If the video for "Treat People With Kindness" with Phoebe Waller-Bridge doesn't make you smile, nothing will.

On Friday morning, in the grips of a hangover I can only describe as "please, someone, anyone, smother me gently with a pillow" levels of painful (champagne and I are frenemies of a caliber typically seen only on Bravo television programming), I could hear my phone buzzing over and over on my nightstand. Well-wishes for the new year, I thought to myself, ignoring the notifications in favor of lying very, very still on my back and making no sudden movements.

That was foolish, as it turns out my phone was popping off not with "Thank GOD 2020 is over" missives, but people slamming the "NEW HARRY STYLES ALERT" alarm for me. 

Once I felt steady enough to turn my head without blinding pain, I learned from these kind souls that Styles had dropped the music video for "Treat People With Kindness." And not only was it the cure for what ailed me (sort of; the actual cure was Gatorade and a Big Mac meal), it was the good omen for 2021 that I absolutely needed.

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What better way to greet a new year than to watch Styles and Phoebe Waller-Bridge prance around a ballroom with a choreographed routine — able to rival even the best of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, might I say — set to a song literally telling us things will be okay and we should be nice to each other? And in head-to-toe custom Gucci from the maestro himself, Alessandro Michele, no less. 

Harry Lambert styled Styles in a pair of white, wide-legged trousers with matching soft shoes, a sequined argyle vest with a black crystal bow-tie and a show-stopping sparkler of a dinner jacket that brilliantly caught the light as he worked his way through the set. Waller-Bridge was slightly more subtle, matching in just about every way; her argyle was a full sweater layered over ruffled cuffs with a cream colored blazer on top. 

It's pure joy distilled into a music video, a message of hope after a rather hopeless year, a shot of adrenaline straight into the winter doldrums — or, you know, a very good and truly fun music video. Harry Styles: Already making 2021 a better place.

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