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7 Top Trends From the Pre-Fall 2021 Collections

Unsurprisingly, comfort is still king.
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Just because you've been wearing the same clothes since March doesn't mean there haven't been seasonal changes in trends. Some brands skipped the most recent fashion month, others decided to abandon the traditional calendar all together — but still, many forge on, which brings us to Pre-Fall 2021, a traditionally lucrative, if not technically real, season. Designers have been releasing their visions for pre-fall since late last year, and we're now able to get a feel for what the major themes and takeaways from the collections are. 

Comfort is still king, as people continue to stay at home amid an ongoing global pandemic — and that translates to both the silhouettes we see come up again and again as well as key fabrics. The florals reflect the times we live in, but the breakout color of the season feels optimistic. Check out all the top trends from Pre-Fall 2021 in the galleries, below. 

Fancy PJs

It'll come as no surprise that The Brands are expecting customers will want to dress comfortably (and for a stay-at-home lifestyle) well into 2021. So they're suggesting fancy daytime pajamas that you won't feel strange wearing for any and all virtual functions, made from silky fabrics, striped cotton poplins and even dark florals (another big trend for Pre-Fall 2021). 

Dark Florals

How does one continue to update one of the most classic, anticipated prints in fashion? You render them in colors that match our overall outlook on *gestures broadly*. For Pre-Fall 2021, that means the florals feel a little darker and moodier —think red with black, pale pink with grey, cream and burgundy. 

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Slouchy Suits

If you are, indeed, wanting (or needing) to suit up to work from home, designers have got you covered: They're relaxing the fit, widening the legs and ensuring that the ensemble feels just as comfy as the rest of your indoor clothes. 

Optimistic Colors

Not all of Pre-Fall 2021 is gloomy: Plenty of designers are turning to brighter, eye-grabbing colors, especially yellows. (Pantone told us to expect this.) 

Buttery-Soft Leather

Brands like Salvatore Ferragamo and Nanushka are known for their leather products, but many other designers are also leaning into buttery-soft smooth leather on coats, dresses, trousers and even jumpsuits in their pre-fall collections.

Statement Tights

Listen, if we've got to wear tights, we're going to have fun with them. So say designers, who are going all in on hosiery in big, colorful prints and inventive textures for Pre-Fall 2021. 

Knit Briefs

Unless you're posting them on social media regularly, odds are not many folks will see your everyday outfits — so, why not experiment with some more out-there pieces like, say, knit briefs? If you're interested, Pre-Fall 2021 has you sorted with plenty of cozy short-shorts to switch up your at-home #OOTDs. 

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