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Getting dressed for winter is an ordeal. First you layer up underneath, so that not even the smallest sliver of ankle is exposed. Then, you pile on the turtlenecks and sweaters, followed by the long coat. Finally, you top it off with critically important accessories: gloves, a hat and a scarf

Anyone who's lived in a cold climate can attest that keeping your ears, neck and hands toasty is key to surviving the bone-chilling elements of winter. Not only do they provide much-needed warmth, but they tend to be easier on a budget than puffers, so it's easier to introduce a new beanie into your cold-weather lineup than, say, invest in a new jacket. With this and hopefully a bright future in mind, we've rounded up 27 vibrant winter accessories — from bold shearling gloves to colorful bucket hats  — that'll keep you cozy and help you face the treacherous outdoors in style and with a smile. 




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