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'Vogue' Announces Second Global Issue Uniting All 27 International Editions

After September 2020's "hope" theme, they're now all coming together in the name of "creativity" for March.
Vogue UK September 2020

Vogue UK September 2020

After debuting the first-ever unified issue, which saw every Vogue edition focused on the same theme, last September, Condé Nast seems to be continuing the tradition on a seasonal basis. After centering their issues around "hope" for the month that many call the "January of fashion," the Vogues are ushering in spring with their own March issues centered around a new theme: "creativity."

"This year, all 27 global editions of Vogue are proud to dedicate our March issues to creativity," said Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief and global editorial director, Vogue and global chief content officer, Condé Nast, in a statement. "With so many reasons to be optimistic about a brighter future, Vogue thought what better way to celebrate than to focus on creatives all across the globe — whose glorious and gorgeous, inclusive and joyful images offer an inspiring look at the world of fashion today."

We don't yet know the specifics around what this will entail, or who we can expect to see on those March covers. We just know that each issue will spotlight "the most exciting creative talent working today, bringing together some of the fashion industry's biggest names" including "those who encourage us to look at life in a new way." Each one will also include a portfolio of "the brightest young stars in fashion, music, art and film."

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So stay tuned for more. British Vogue, which memorably put 20 activists on its September 2020 cover, will be the first to release its interpretation of creativity on Feb. 5.

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